Asian Movie Entertainment

Featuring the latest express drama of Korea/ Japan, top-grossing Asian dramas, award-winning movies, animes, and variety shows!

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$128/ month

List Price $176/month
12 Mths Commitment

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Includes these 3 Packs

Chinese Movie Pack

The Chinese Movie Pack offers 3 great channels bringing in Chinese and Asian movies. From mega hits to the classics, along with independent features and documentaries by today’s top award-winning filmmakers, it’s Chinese and Asian movies 24/7. (CH140 - SCM Legend will cease transmission from Sep 1, 2021)

Asia Entertainment Pack

The Asia Entertainment Pack offers a rich mix of all-Asian TV! This is the ultimate destination for high quality Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas, variety shows, music videos and animation.

(CH160 –Star Chinese Channel & On Demand – Star Chinese Play will cease transmission from Sep 1, 2021.)

Starter Pack

Starter Pack include Now News and over 20 Starter Pack channels.