Entertainment Combo

Includes HBO, FOX, and MOViE MOViE for US & UK drama, blockbuster movies, variety programs, and express drama the same day as US & UK.

*HD / SD connection fee $18 is required. Terms & conditions apply.

$128/ month

List Price. $176/month
Short 12-Month Plan

Includes these 3 Packs

Movie Pack One

Movie Pack One offers premium Hollywood blockbusters, top box office hits and award-winning films from HBO and MOViE MOViE, including exclusive award-winning HBO Original Productions, series, movie specials and showcases.

Entertainment Pack One

Entertainment Pack One brings you the best in US and UK entertainment from eight top tv channels. Popular reality, drama series, comedy, music and lifestyle shows come to you express from US/UK telecasts.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack include Now News and over 25 Starter Pack channels.