STEM x Asian Entertainment Combo [Cigna Staff Offer]

STEM Learning Pack
Make learning fun for kids by watching science, technology, engineering and math programs specially developed to promote creativity in STEM subjects.Subscribe now and receive the educational toys to help stimulate growing minds!

Asian Entertainment Pack
Includes HBO and FOX for US & UK drama, Hollywood movies, variety programs, and express drama same day as US & UK.

$108/ month

List Price $176/month
Short 12-Month Plan

Get a 4M parent-child educational toy

Includes these 2 Packs

STEM Learning Pack

Make play time educational. The STEM Learning Pack features a collection of STEM learning programs from Now Learn on demand & Da Vinci to inspire kids to fall in love with science, technology, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, arts and more.

Asia Entertainment Pack

The Asia Entertainment Pack offers a rich mix of all-Asian TV! This is the ultimate destination for high quality Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas, variety shows, music videos and animation.