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Addicted to Marriage S1

What happens when people who can't stop getting married try to walk down the aisle one more time? TLC's Addicted to Marriage follows the lives of four repeat brides from across the country who are ready to get hitched, again! Meet Monette, Shae, Amy, and Kecia who literally cannot stop getting married. Each marriage addict is now in a new relationship, and ready to say "I do", but are the men in their lives ready? In Utah, Monette is working on her 12th marriage, this time with boyfriend John. Despite pressure from friends and family to not take yet another walk down the aisle, Monette has her sights set on securing husband number twelve! Just as Monette is cooking up ways to push John into marrying her, John's beginning to wonder if he's ready to be the next in a long line of husbands for Monette. In California, 30 year old Shea desperately wants to make her boyfriend Joe her next husband, but she's keeping a huge secret from him. Shea hasn't told Joe that she's actually been engaged four times and married twice. The secret weighs heavily on Shae as she works up the courage to share her past with Joe before it's too late. In Idaho, Amy has her target locked on Geno to become husband #5. However, Amy is not being completely honest with Geno. She's keeping a giant secret from Geno; she's never told him about her past four failed marriages. Though Amy and Geno are in love, Amy worries that her past will scare Geno and send him running in the opposite direction. In New Jersey, g

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