• Jane Goodall: The Hope

    Premiers on 22 Apr at 9pm, available via On Demand and Now Player

    Dr, Jane Goodall arrived at a 1986 conference as a scientist and-after learning the extent of the threat facing chimpanzees-left as an activist. Jane uses wisdom, heart and humor to spread a message of hope and show that every individual has the potential be a catalyst and create lasting change.

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  • Spy In The Wild S2

    Witness nature’s greatest dramas and emotional encounters up close as Spy in the Wild returns with its revolutionary spy cameras. Become part of a gorilla family for the day, discover the drama of koala breeding season, and feel the heat of battle as Komodo dragons battle for supremacy.

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  • Ed Stafford: First Man Out S2

    An authentic survival competition series set in some of the most deadly environments in the world. This season brings you to China. In every episode, survivalist Ed Stafford faces a different and equally skilled opponent in the race to be the first to reach a pre-determined extraction point, on a journey fraught with danger. The extreme environments are the key to the show’s authenticity- viewers watch as our two adventurers face situations.

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