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First Gentleman

Ornithologist (a scholar of birds) Hiyori Soma is married to Rinko, leader of a minority political party. One morning, his beloved wife poses an enigmatic question. “Hey, Hiyori, would you have a problem if I became Prime Minister?” He asks her to repeat the question, but she shrugs him off. Still confused, he sets off for a ten-day expedition on a remote island with no cell phone connection to observe birds in the wild. In his absence, Rinko changes the future of the nation! She is elected the first female Prime Minister in Japan’s history, making Hiyori the first ever Prime Minister’s husband. He was always 100% supportive of Rinko’s political ambitions, but could never have imagined the life that awaited him...

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Language Jap
Director Hayato Kawai
Cast Kei Tanaka, Miki Nakatani, Shihori Kanjiya, Asuka Kudô, Airi Matsui, Hôka Kinoshita

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