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Early spring in the city of Macau. Mada (Louis Cheung), a divorced man in his 40’s, is the strong and silent type. He lives in a dilapidated flat that’s set for demolition. Suffering from a serious case of amnesia, Mada works the graveyard shift as a taxi driver to overcome the pain of his affliction. One night, Mada picks up Lena (Chrissie Chau), who works as a restaurant receptionist by day and a bar hostess by night. After a misunderstanding sparks spark their friendship, Mada becomes Lena’s driver, picking her up before and after work. Lena’s arrival finally brings some color into Mada’s life; he even begins to think that he can finally move on from his divorce. Yet, Lena feels lonely in Macau; she’s disliked by her colleagues, who all think that she is a ruthless, money-grubbing hustler for using her voluptuous figure to get special treatment. Lena knows Mada’s feelings for her, but she, too, is hiding a past that she can’t get over...

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Language Can, Man
Director Emily Chan
Cast Louis Cheung, Chrissie Chau

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