War of the Worlds S3

Though he might have just saved all of humanity from a deadly alien attack, Professor Bill Ward could not feel like less of a hero as he languishes in prison following the very public murder of Emily Gresham. It soon becomes clear that, despite his major sacrifice, Bill’s work might not yet be done. An increasing trend of intense hallucinations across the globe and a deadly attack on a police station leads Zoe, a serving MI5 Officer, to seek out the man she keeps seeing in visions of her own. She begs Bill to help her understand what’s going on, and after a heartfelt meeting with his old friend Tom, Bill reluctantly agrees. And it’s not just Bill who’s frantically working to save humanity… in France, Doctor Catherine Durant is shocked to discover something happening in space that she cannot seem to explain. Determined to learn more, and to stop the hallucinations that are torturing her younger sister Sophia, Catherine heads to the UK. With most of the survivors from series two reunited, it’s down to them to put the pieces together, and stop another global disaster.

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Language Fre, Eng
Director Indra Siera
Cast Gabriel Byrne, Lea Drucker, Jack Barton, Colin Murtagh

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