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Crayon Shinchan: The Legend Called Buri Buri 3 Minutes Charge

A space-time coordinator, Miraiman, suddenly appears and brings the Nohara family to the world three minutes later. In that world, monsters come out one after another, and attack the city. If no one beats them in the three-minute-later world, the crisis will become reality! To stop the destruction of the world, Miraiman gives Nohara family the power to defeat the monsters. However, Hiroshi and Misae become ecstatic that they protect reality as the superhero, and start to neglect their daily life. But every hit on the monsters makes the latter stronger. To get Himawari to become a female college student and introduce her friends to him, Shinchan stands up to fight with the strongest monster!

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Language Can, Jap
Director Yuji Muto
Cast Akiko Yajima,Keiji Fujiwara,Miki Narahashi,Satomi Kōrogi,Kunio Murai

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