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Dosukoi! Love

Ayane Sukehira is an overweight woman who loves chocolate. Because of her love for chocolate, she has moved to Italy which is famous for its chocolates. There, Ayane Sukehira gets involved in an accident and she passes out. When Ayane Sukehira wakes up, she finds that her appearance has totally changed. She is now a beautiful woman. Ayane Sukehira travels back to Japan and she begins work as an esthetician. She still is not interested in dating and she buries herself in eating chocolate and playing games. One day, popular idol Takumi Minato invites her for dinner.

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Language Jap
Director Ryo Miyawaki
Cast Ji-young Kang, Takuy​​a Kusakawa, Daichi Kaneko, Airi Matsui, Naoto Takenaka, Miu Tomita

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