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Ed Stafford: First Man Out S2

"First Man Out is an authentic survival competitionseries set in some of the most deadly environments in the world. This season brings you to China. In every episode, survivalist Ed Stafford faces a different and equally skilled opponent in the race to be the first to reach a pre-determined extraction point, on a journey fraught with danger. The extreme environments are the key to the show's authenticity-viewers watch as our two adventurers face situations. Explorer Ed Stafford is back. And facing his biggest challenges yet. He's up against 6 new survivalists in the deadly jungles, epic mountains, formidable deserts and dense swamps of China. Survival is only half the battle as Ed risks life, limb and reputation to prove he's becoming the best survivalist in the world. Ed Stafford: First Man Out, Season 1,was defined by life-threatening adventures brimming with personality, ingenuity and TV firsts, and more than a dash of trench humour. Season 2 is all this in heart-stopping True 4K, and boasts even more ingenious expedition bushcraft, more recognizable survivalists and tougher challenges that continues to push the survival genre forward. Once again, our survivalists are armed with nothing more than a knife and their even sharper wits. Season 2 takes Ed to the limits of survival, with heavy-weight grudge matches, real-life ninjas and even an opportunity to beat the very man who taught him bushcraft in the first place. There are no half measures, and no shortcuts. Hold onto y

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