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Ganbareiwa!! Robocon

One day in Reiwa, Robocon, a red robot from robot school, breaks the ceiling of a Chinese restaurant called “All Chinese” and claims that it will serve customers as a helper. On the way to deliver Grandma Toronda’s order, Robocon spills the soup of her Dandan noodle because Robocon is too excited! It’s unbelievable that this brothless Dandan noodle will trigger a global crisis. Robin, the robot it has had a long-standing crush on, is also embroiled!? Aim for 100 points and do your best, Reiwa Robocon!!

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Language Can, Jap
Director Hidenori Ishida
Cast Chiwa Saitou, Masashi Ehara, Kenichi Suzumura, Kino Tsuchiya, Kazumasa Koura, Yu Takahashi

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