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High Voltage

Chiang is a good cop having a bad time. Since his wife was murdered by a drug-dealing maniac named Meed, Chiang has become the most lethal weapon of the Hong Kong police force, a loose cannon dispensing justice with few words and many bullets. On an assignment, he went to Philippines to bring back a key witness in an upcoming trial. Richard Lo has evident that Meed carried out the assassination of a police officer on the orders of crime boss Cardoza. On arrival in Manila, Chiang is partnered with Edward, a straight arrow, by-the-book Filipino cop. While they are transporting Richard to the airport, the witness is shot dead by Meed’s henchmen. Chiang decides to stay on in the Philippines to investigate, but his maverick, reckless style soon put him at odds with his local counterpart…

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Language Can, Man
Director Kam Yeung Wah
Cast Donnie Yen, Roy Cheung, Lily Lee

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