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Life Below Zero S8

Follow the further icy adventures of Life Below Zero's resilient characters as the series charts their day-to-day lives in Alaska. As Mother Nature becomes more erratic, survival in Alaska has never been more uncertain. The Hailstones fight to keep their native traditions alive as their family expands. Sue Aikens creates new tools to survive in the brutal, ever-changing tundra, and battles her aging mind and body in the process. Jessie Holmes and his sled dogs must learn to survive and thrive on their new land in Brushkana. Andy Bassich continues to teach his partner Denise Becker how to survive in a shifting landscape. And Ricko DeWilde continues the Athabaskan way of life, teaching his children the importance of continuing the family's legacy in the Alaskan Interior.

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Language Eng
Cast Jimmy Franzo

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