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Sky on Fire

Five years ago, a fire took the life of Professor Poon, and the notebook on his research for a cancer cure called “super stem cells” disappeared without a trace. His assistant Ko Yuk was escaped death thanks to security guard Chong Tin-po. After losing his wife to cancer several years ago, Tin-po entered “Sky Number One,” a top-level medical facility financed by the tycoons, as a security guard. He hopes that the lab will finally find a cure for cancer, but he realizes that Ko Yuk is the only researcher that is actually trying to develop “super stem cells” to save lives. Meanwhile, her husband, “Sky Number One” president Tong Wing-cheung, is a ruthless businessman who puts money ahead of everything and will take any means necessary to get his way…

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Language Can, Man
Director Ringo Lam
Cast Daniel Wu, Joseph Chang, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo

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