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The Aquarium S2

THE AQUARIUM returns to Animal Planet for a second season to take viewers deeper behind the scenes at the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere--Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium. The series sheds light on the underwater life of fascinating fish, marine mammals and aquatic birds who call the aquarium's 10 million gallons of waterhome. This season, THE AQUARIUM follows the stories of an escape-artist moray eel, a giant sea turtle named Tank who needs to learn healthier eating habits, and the adventures of baby fantail rays Bacon and Tomato, as they adjust to life in the massive Ocean Voyager exhibit. Viewers also catch up with baby sea otter Gibson, as he learns to become a more independent pup. And this season, the adventures continue off the coast of Florida, as camera crews follow Georgia Aquarium biologists under the nighttime waves, to film a rare and wonderous event few have ever witnessed: the spawning of critically endangered corals.

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