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The Bad Skin Clinic S2

Imagine living with an agonising skin condition? Imagine being stared at because of your skin? Imagine not even wanting to leave the house because of how you look? THE BAD SKIN CLINIC is a brand new series for Quest Red where people whose lives have been shattered by uncontrollable skin disorders finally get the help they so desperately need. Consultant Dermatologist and surgeon Doctor Emma Craythorne is an expert in treating all types of skin conditions. Surrounded by a top team at her Harley Street Clinic, we'll see Dr Emma treat ordinary people from all over Britain suffering with unusual and extraordinary conditions. In each episode, we meet four new people with a huge range of conditions, from chronic acne to debilitating genetic skin conditions, bursting cysts, huge lipomas and keloid scars. Armed with needles, scalpels and lasers, Dr Emma's treatment isn't always for the faint hearted. There'll be squeezes, pops and extractions as well as incredible cutting edge treatments that bring incredible results. In this heart warming new series, we'll see Dr. Emma transform the lives of those trapped in their own skin, forever.

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