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The Haunted School

Since Lap Lan Secondary School had undergo a fire ten years ago. Without any reasons there are always a silhouette show on the wall and someone is singing in the middle of the night. All different kind of scary and horrible rumors are spread around the school. Lap Lan Secondary School is a girl school, however, under the education policy, Goh Keung, Charles, Ben and Dick are assigned to Lap Lan Secondary School to continuous their secondary school education. Four boys among the boring boarding school girl, which make their school life full of excitement. Love and rebellion are the given right of the youngster. No matter how the Dean of the school has forbidden them but the playboy Dick and bad girl Ah Sze are still chime in easily. Ben falls in love with his old schoolmate Ah Fong. Charles, who is excellent in character and learning is also started his first puppy love with Cat. Moreover, the School Prefect Yat Man is an inflexible and discipline girl which is seeing her schoolmates ar

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Language Can
Director Chin Man Kei
Cast Chui Tien You, Don Li, Theresa Fu, Toby Leung

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