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The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey

Hong Kongis just a ridiculous place that full of lies. In thisprosperouscity, there are a group of people that have to live in the ‘space capsule’, which are large seminar room that subdivided into small living rooms. In such a small living place Tsz Hin is a popular online blogger that critics on property market in the cyberworld. Unfortunately, he is in debt that can’t even pay for the housing rent in real life. In order to save money for paying the debt, Tsz Hin has to livesin ‘space capsule’, he even lied to his girlfriend for travelling New York to work as an intern. Tsz Hin begins to know other weird neighbors in this urban living places. Ah Fung, a traid member, He is frustrated in working as a grey goods dealer for making a living. One time, he joined a social stabilization event and accidentally defeated governmentofficial, and being portrayed as a people’s hero. Cheong, the ex-prisoner that back to his robbery business, which helped his friend Quan...

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Language Can, Man
Director Stephen Ng, Nero Ng
Cast Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Andrew Lam, Louis Cheung

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