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#Trump: How Social Media Changed the Presidency

In the 1930s, FDR used a new medium called radio to talk to the American people. For JFK it was television. For Donald J. Trump, the new medium is Twitter. Even Trump admits he wouldn’t have won the election without it. Now, ten years since his first tweet, this fast-paced one-hour special uses evocative archive and a cast of charismatic political experts, social media commentators and fun on-screen infographics to unpick how, in just 140 characters, Twitter has changed the way political communication takes place in the US. It’s the story of a social medium platform and the first social media president, as we see how both Twitter and Trump have grown their brands at the same speed over the course of the last decade. Each tweet is a window into the context of our times, and the mind of Donald J. Trump. In chronological order, they take us on a journey into some of the most important stories, events and issues of the modern world – an election result that polarized a country, the first e

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