STEM學習組合 一起學 一起享受學習的快樂
一起學 一起享受學習的快樂!

寓學習於娛樂!STEM 學習組合中的Now Learn自選服務和Da Vinci帶來以STEM為題材的節目,配合一系列STEM科學玩具,滿足小朋友對科學、技術、工程、數學、天文、藝術等不同範疇的好奇心。

Now TV x Pearson GS & STEM精選 STEM小教室 親子教育玩具
互動App STEM 學習組合概覽

Now STEM小教室 逢星期五開課

由Miss STEM 授課,每集教你唔同嘅數學科學原理,帶領小朋友享受有趣嘅STEM學習時間!






漂浮氣墊船 (Hover Racer)


美國Tillywig玩具與媒體大獎 - 兒童大腦獎

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  • 結合娛樂及學習元素於一身的流動應用程式,讓您和小朋友在安全的平台隨時隨地探索知識。
  • "Learn Zone" 提供一系列以STEM為題材的趣味性教學節目,讓小朋友探索新知識,滿足對科學、技術、工程及數學的好奇心。
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  • Da Vinci Kids app提供多個得獎教學節目及益智互動遊戲,讓小朋友在課堂外也能探索更多知識。


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STEM 學習組合概覽
4M教育玩具定期送到屋企 啟發創意 寓學習於娛樂有節目 有遊戲 隨時探索知識 STEM電視節目 啟發創意 寓學習於娛樂 互動APP 趣味遊戲 隨時隨地探索知識
Enjoy Fun Learning Together

Make play time educational. The STEM Learning Pack features a collection of STEM learning programs from Now Learn On Demand & Da Vinci plus an array of STEM toys to inspire kids to fall in love with science, technology, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, arts and more.

Now TV x Pearson GS & STEM Highlights Now STEM Lab Parent-child Educational Toys
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Now TV x Pearson GS & STEM Highlights

Now TV co-operates with Pearson to select STEM program clips designed for the benefit of Primary 1 to Primary 6 students and their parents. These clips are closely aligned with the school curriculum and enable children to learn STEM knowledge at home in a fun way, which involves watching programs and conducting experiments.

Now STEM Lab

Now STEM Lab having class every Friday

Let's follow Miss STEM to learn new mathematics and science principles in every lesson, enjoying a fun and interesting STEM learning time!

EP1 - The Myth of Height
EP2 - What is Friction
EP3 - How to Maintain Good Balance
EP4 - Why Do Objects Sink or Float
EP5 - How to Draw a Circle Freehand
EP6 - Parent-child Soccer Competition
Parent-child Educational Toys

4M parent-child educational toy letting the kids to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths while playing.
The gift box will be delivered to your home every 2 months.

Parent-child Educational Toys

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Toy Description

Hover Racer

Watch your own fantastic Hover Racer skim smoothly across the floor supported on its cushion of air. Learn the science facts behind the hovercraft.

Tillywig Toy & Media Awards – Brain Child Award (USA)

Hover Racer
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Now Player Junior App
  • Now Player Junior App
  • Fun and educational programs on one safe platform, take Now Player Junior with you on the go to keep your children entertained.
  • The "Learn Zone" is packed with STEM learning programs from Now Learn On Demand and Da Vinci to inspire kids to fall in love with science, technology, engineering, mathematics and more.
Da Vinci Kids App
  • Da Vinci Kids App
  • Get your child the superpower of knowledge with the Da Vinci Kids app! Featuring hours of award-winning educational entertainment shows, as well as brain-teasing games. At home or on the go, Da Vinci Kids takes learning outside of the classroom.

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4M Parent-child Educational Toys	Enhance relationship with kids while playing together STEM TV Programs	Stimulate creativity and learn in the way of entertainment Interactive APP		Learning through play and exploring knowledge anytime, anywhere
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