*Exclusive Hong Kong pay TV Broadcaster. FIFA World Cup 2022™ will be held from 20 November 2022 to 18 December 2022 and the match dates, times and broadcast channels may be subject to change from time to time. Please refer to the organizer’s latest announcement for details. FIFA World Cup 2022™ 64 matches will support 4K. Customers must subscribe to the 4K connection service in order to view the 4K version of the channels that they have subscribed (including matches in 4K resolution).​

^Early-bird offer valid till 30 September 2022. This offer is available to new Now TV customers who subscribe to one of the designated Now TV sports combos (24-month commitment) or; existing customers who upgrade or renew to one of the designated Now TV combos (24-month commitment) and meet the required increment in monthly subscription fee. These customers may subscribe to the Event Pass at a discounted price at HK$280 (list price: $1080). The Event Pass will expire on 31 January 2023. Use of the Event Pass is subject to terms and conditions. Terms and conditions apply. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. The relevant channels will be effective immediately upon successful subscription or installation. ​

In the event of any dispute, the decision of PCCW Media Limited shall be final. Now TV is provided by PCCW Media Limited and is available in designated areas only.​

*香港收費電視獨家播放。FIFA世界盃2022 將於2022年11月20日至2022年12月18日舉行,賽事日期、時間及播出頻道可能會不時更改,具體內容請留意主辦單位之最新公布。FIFA世界盃2022 64場賽事將支援4K傳送,客戶必須訂購4K接駁服務以觀看其訂購的4K頻道(包括4K解析度效果的賽事)。​

^早鳥優惠至2022年9月30日。優惠適用於申請一個指定Now TV體育組合 (24個月承諾期合約) 的新Now TV客戶,或升級或續約至一個指定Now TV組合 (24個月承諾期) 並達指定月費增幅的現有客戶。該等客戶可以優惠價港幣$280訂購FIFA世界盃2022賽事通行證(「賽事通行證」) (正價:$1080)。賽事通行證之有效期至2023年1月31日。賽事通行證之使用受條款及條件約束。受條款及條件約束。優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。有關頻道將於客戶成功訂購 / 安裝後即時生效。​

如有任何爭議,電訊盈科媒體有限公司保留一切最終決定權。Now TV由電訊盈科媒體有限公司提供,只適用於指定住宅地區。有關所有服務計劃及優惠詳情,請向Now TV銷售人員查詢。