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即日起至6月8日,Now TV客戶可透過電視、電腦或者Now Player應用程式任睇以下12 大Now TV頻道及7個自選服務!
即日起至6月8日,Now TV客戶可透過電視、電腦或Now Player應用程式,免費任睇1個月18條Now TV頻道及12個自選服務*!
(Ch 102 及自選服務)
(Ch 105 及自選服務)
(Ch 108 及自選服務)
(Ch 133 及自選服務)
(Ch 150 及自選服務)
(Ch 151 及自選服務)
《派遣員的品格 (2020)》
《新相親大會》 第三季
(Ch 116 及自選服務)
(Ch 525 及自選服務)
(Ch 526)
(Ch 527)
《席芭的約翰尼斯堡冒險 第1季》
《甜點師淘汰賽 第1季》
(Ch 220 及自選服務)
(Ch 223(SD) / Ch 225)
《肉: 對我們星球的威脅?》
《人口: 不斷增加的77億人》
《山地硬漢 第8季》
(Ch 316)
(Ch 332 及自選服務)
(Ch 333 及自選服務)
(Ch 444)
(Ch 460)
(Ch 630 及自選服務)
Now Sports 精選全日24小時播放多元化的體育節目及賽事重溫,包括英超、世界桌球巡迴賽、世界羽聯巡迴賽及其他不同類型體育項目。

Now TV 客戶可以免費收看指定頻道(「頻道」)直至2020年6月8日。所列頻道可能會更改,不論有無另作通知。僅Now TV客戶(不包括Eye用戶及南丫島Now TV用戶)可以免費收看頻道。 Now TV客戶可透過Now TV 機頂盒或Now Player應用程式收看頻道及相應指定自選服務。Now TV客戶如在Now Player上收看頻道,須申請一個Now ID 並與其Now TV賬戶捆綁。請注意某些電視節目可能不適合兒童觀看,需要家長指引,Now TV客戶可啟動頻道鎖碼。部份自選節目已預設鎖碼。請更新家長鎖碼設定及定時更改個人密碼。所有節目播放的時間及細節可能會更改。受條款及條件約束。

From now till 8th June, Now TV customers can watch the below 12 channels and 7 on demand services via TV, computer and Now Player App!
From now till 8 June, Now TV customers can watch the below 18 channels and 12 On Demand services via TV, computer and Now Player App for 1 month FREE*!
(Ch 102 and On Demand)
(Ch 105 and On Demand)
(Ch 108 and On Demand)
(Ch 133 and On Demand)
(Ch 150 and On Demand)
(Ch 151 and On Demand)
Kyojo (Bilingual)
Available Now
The Confidence Man JP Special (Bilingual)
Available Now
The Pride of the Temp (2020)
Premiere on 16 May,
every Sat at 8:30pm
Melting Me Softly (Bilingual)
Premiere on 20 May,
every Mon - Fri at 9pm
Better Days
Available Now
Hotel Del Luna (Bilingual)
Available Now
Ming Dynasty (Bilingual)
Premiere on 21 May,
every Mon - Fri at 8pm
New Chinese Dating Event S3
Every Wed at 9pm
One Shop One Dream
Every Tue at 9pm
The Whistleblower
Premiere on 23 May (Sat) at 10pm
(Ch 116 and On Demand)
(Ch 525 and On Demand)
(Ch 526)
(Ch 527)
Siba's Adventures Johannesburg S1
Premiere on 11 May,
every Mon at 8pm
Pain and Glory
Premiere on 24 May (Sun) at 10pm
Chopped Sweets S1
Premiere on 10 May, every Sun at 6pm
(Ch 220 and On Demand)
(Ch 223(SD) / Ch 225)
Meat: A Threat To Our Planet
7.7 Billion People and Counting
Mountain Men S8
(Ch 316)
(Ch 332 and On Demand)
(Ch 333 and On Demand)
(Ch 444)
(Ch 460)
Spongebob Squarepants
Paw Patrol
Blue's Clues & You
The Casagrandes
Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
Operation Ouch!
(Ch 630 and On Demand)
Now Sports Prime serves viewers 24 hours a day with a diverse array of sporting events, including replay of Premier League, World Snooker Tour, BWF and other sports.
World Snooker Tour
EURO Classics

Now TV customers can watch designated channels ("Channels") for free until June 8 2020. The line up of the Channels may be subject to change with or without further notice. Only Now TV customers (but not Eye customers or Lamma island Now TV customers) can watch the Channels for free. Now TV customers can view the Channels and the corresponding video on demand services via the Now TV set-top box or Now Player app. To watch programmes on Now Player, Now TV customers must create a Now ID which is connected to their Now TV account. Please note that some TV programs may not be suitable for children and parental guidance is required, Now TV customers may activate channel parental lock.  Some on-demand programs are locked by default.  Please update your parental lock setting and change your PIN regularly. All program broadcast times and details are subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply.