UX3 Remote Control Redemption

Using a U2 remote control with the UX3? Exchange it for the latest UX3 remote, free, at any HKT shop.

If you’re already using Now TV’s new Home Screen, but not the new remote control (pictured right), please take your existing remote control to any HKT Shop, or designated csl Shop and exchange it for the new version.

Premium (Cash Coupon or Gift) or Educational Toy Redemption

Applicable to premium (cash coupon or gift) or educational toy ONLY

Registered customers must present their registered identity document and the SMS premium or educational toy collection notification to collect their premiums or educational toy at a designated redemption centre within one month of receiving notification.(Corporate or business customers have to present a copy of their BR and company chop for premium or educational toy redemption).

Third Party Collection

An authorised person collecting the premium or educational toy on a registered customer’s behalf must complete the authorisation form and present his/her own registered identity document and provide a photocopy of the registered customer’s registered identity document to collect the premium or educational toy at a designated redemption centre within one month of receiving notification.

Download Third Party Authorisation Form

Terms & Conditions

1. Premiums or educational toy not redeemed within the specified redemption period will be automatically forfeited.

2. Premiums or educational toy cannot be returned or replaced.

3. In no event will PCCW Media Limited and/or its affiliates be responsible for any claims, losses or damage arising from the redemption and/or use of any premiums or educational toy.

4. If the premium is out of stock, PCCW Media Limited shall have the right to replace the premium with another premium of equivalent value as determined at its sole discretion.

5. The redemption and use of any cash coupons is subject to such terms and conditions as maybe specified by the issuer.