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Claymotions are seven absolutely positive characters, they are friends and play together. While our friends are playing kids games, they might have some minor conflicts, over the kids game or over a whim or caprice, these conflicts will be resolved in the course of the episode though. Friendship and favouring each other, a little bit of jealousy and rivalry, making fun of each other’s flaws in a nice friendly way and admiring each other’s merits, fair rivalry to try to be a leader – these are the main subject for their disagreements. Through a sequence of transformations and the new knowledge acquired as a result Claymotions find a way out of the situation and resolve their disagreements. The action built on plasticine transformations helps tell the audience any educational story in a descriptive and entertaining fashion. The series is roughly divided into seasons by various educational sections. In one of the seasons claymotions learn, what numbers there are in the world, in the other season they discover musical instruments, and in the third one they learn about the diversity of the animal kingdom, the list of topics is almost endless!

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