• Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

    Matilda inherited her love of cooking from her dad, the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. In every episode she has fun with her family and then cooks them a tasty meal, with easy to follow recipes.

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  • Snapshots

    In Snapshots talented young photographers battle it out to take the best. photo. ever. Through fun photography-driven challenges they learn about focus, lighting, and timing. Who will beat the competition and become part of the Snapshots gallery?

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  • STEAM Encyclopedia: Air Pressure

    Air surrounds us at all times and exerts a force on every inch of our bodies. This force is known as air pressure. It explains how airplanes fly, the weather pattern and many other wonders. Let’s check this out and learn more about air pressure through different amazing science experiments.

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  • Crafty Kids Club

    4 friends, aged 7 to 8 years old who love making things and having fun – have founded the C.R.A.F.T.Y Kids Club. What are these young D.I.Y wizards up to? They dream up and make original, modern objects from recycled materials: useful things that can embellish their everyday life, and entertain themselves or solve all sorts of problems that happen to people they know.

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  • Future Human AI

    The revolutionary developments in artificial intelligence are explored and discussed, along with the potential benefits and risks they bring for humanity as we know it.

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