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Band Four

“Band Four” is the story of Cat aspiring to make her mark on the global music stage, while contending with the haunting absence of her father, King, a guitarist who abandoned her and her mother two decades ago. Cat’s life takes a dramatic turn when her mother succumbs to illness, and King unexpectedly appears at the funeral together with Matilda, Cat’s previously unknown adolescent stepsister, further complicating Cat’s ongoing struggle to raise her own 9-year-old son, Riley. Forced to live together in a crowded Hong Kong flat, the newly reunited family finds itself in a vortex of conflicting personalities, insecurities, and priorities. The family finds amidst this turmoil a common communication channel via music. Just as the familial bond begins to form through their shared musical language, both their bond and Band Four’s survival are put to the test by a fresh set of unforeseen challenges.

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Language Can, Man
Director Mo Lai Yan Chi
Cast Kay Tse,Teddy Robin, Rondi Chan, Anna hisbbuR

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