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Ichikei’s Crow The Movie

Two years have passed since Michio Irima left first criminal court (commonly known as “Ichikei”). Michio is transferred to Setouchi in Okayama Prefecture, where he is assigned to an assault case involving the youngest Minister of Defense in history. His investigations lead him to look into a collision incident involving an Aegis warship, but the details of the ships voyage are a national secret. Michio is now faced with an adversary upon which the threat of “official authority” does not work. Meanwhile, Chizuru Sakama, who has tried numerous cases with Michio, is working as a lawyer in a neighboring town under a work experience program. There, she takes on a case involving a large local company which supports the whole town, but not all is as it seems...Between these seemingly disparate cases, a shocking truth arises. Are they opening a Pandora’s Box that was best left alone?!

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Language Jap
Director Akira Tanaka
Cast Yutaka Takenouchi, Haru Kuroki, Takumi Saitoh, Osamu Mukai

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