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High Class (Bilingual)

On a beautiful island where everything seems perfect, an elegant international school for kids exists. In this isolated paradise, four luxurious families who have lived totally different lives meet each other and struggle because of their differences. Yeo Wool, Ji Sun, Na Yoon, and Do Young, the four mothers, try to find truth in the series of never-ending lies and secrets. Yeo Wool does her best both in her roles as a lawyer and a mother. Despite making choices that she thinks is best for her son Yi Chan, everything tears up into shreds as she opens Pandora’s Box. Only to realize that the relationship she had with her dead husband is based on nothing but a lie. Her biggest task now is to accept the truth and live on with her child. Love, marriage, and family. The words that are supposed to bring stability and happiness to a person, becomes nothing more than deception, betrayal, and sorrow on this immoral island.

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Language Can, Kor
Cast Cho Yeo-jeong, Kim Ji-soo, Song Ha-jun

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