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The Red Sleeve (Bilingual)

The girls who serve the king. Their red-coloured sleeves mean that they belong to the palace and the palace only. Their loyalty must lie entirely with the king and do nothing else other than their given tasks. Whereas the king is a ruler before he is a man. He has the duty to put the country and the people first regardless of his own emotions. Even when it comes to love. His first love, which should be pure and passionate, must be suppressed with a cold heart and be used for politics. Sung Duk Im is a mere servant to the palace but is filled with curiosity and has an ambitious goal to reunite with her brother. Lee San is the king, the rightful heir to the throne placed by his grandfather after his father had passed. Lee San is an outstanding prodigy who spent his entire life preparing to become king. Despite his cleverness and cool head, he fears that he might also end up dying miserably as his father did. Always scared and trembling, he does not show this side of him to others and tries his best to survive. This story is about the forbidden love between Duk Im and Lee San. A king who uses love for a purpose and a girl who refuses to become his wife. Their choices and differences pull them apart, but deep down, they want their love to be ordinary. Knowing that it never can be.

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Language Can, Kor
Cast Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young

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