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You Are My Hero

The newly enrolled doctor Mi Ka, bright and passionate, rushed out of the training camp secretly in order to seize a treatment chance for her sick friend during her emergency rescue training process, and was caught in action by her training instructor Xing Kelei. She didn't know that the "demon instructor" in her mind was the special police hero she never forget who saved her life in the hijacking case two years ago. At a glance, Xing Kelei recognized Mi Ka was the girl he saved two years ago who was strong and brave under dangerous situation. After leaving the training camp, Mi Ka thought that she would never meet Xing Kelei, but unexpectedly they met repeatedly in various cases. Mi Ka was attracted by Xing Kelei's bravery and sense of justice. Xing Kelei also deepened his affection for Mi Ka and pursued his love secretly. Unexpectedly, Mi Ka was not sensitive and sometimes can’t get his points, therefore, the two made many jokes. And their love also sprouted in this joyful process. At the critical moment of the major earthquake, the two rushed to the front line for rescuing people. They faced danger and death together, later they expressed their feelings and affections and gain the sweet love. Mi Ka finally knew that Xing Kelei was the "uncle SWAT" she missed. In the end, they overcame tests from life and built a fortress for each other to guard their love and faith.

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Language Man
Director Zhang Tong
Cast Ma sichun, Bai Jingting, Wang Yang

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