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Run For Dream (Taiwan) -Ultra-marathon

Yen-Po Chen (Tommy Chen) is a famous Taiwanese ultra-marathon athlete, who became the first ever Asian athlete to complete the 4 Deserts Race Series and achieved the title of World Champion, in 2016. The documentary "Run for Dream" records Yen-Po Chen’s exciting yet treacherous ten-year journey to become the champion. The film crew documented a fraction of joined Chen’s journey across the globe. Within a short 6 months, they entered into deserts, went up mountains and plowed through snowfields; they trekked as far as the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. The film allows audiences to witness Chen’s blood, sweat and tears and his relentless perseverance to continue. It’s a journey filled with love and support from friends and family, and even rival contenders, who displayed frenemy-like brotherhood that made this road to success bittersweet.

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Language Man
Cast Yen-Po Chen (Tommy Chen)

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