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Croco Doc (Bilingual)

Are you an animal with a health problem? No worries, Croco Doc will visit you and make you feel better. You see, kids? You don’t have to be afraid of the doctor! Croco Doc is The children's series that addresses health problems in a fun and educational way. The story begins in the peaceful land of Zoolandia. Every animal joyfully goes about their day, but of course, accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. At the beginning of each episode, an inhabitant of Zoolandia goes about its everyday life but something goes wrong! Fortunately, there’s someone who can save the day, Croco Doc! Croco Doc, the town doctor, possesses an amazing ability to cure every illness and indisposition that he encounters. He is always interested in learning the cause of his patient’s problem as well as finding the right remedy, so he is always able to bring a smile back to his patients faces and help them regain their health, regardless of the fact that his assistant Crat the hippopotamus, seems to make matters worse with his clumsiness and lack of skills.

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