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Poppy Cat S2

Poppy Cat returns for more, starring the curious and empathetic Poppy who leads her four best friends on fantastical adventures in one of her many exciting modes of transport. Series 2 will expand on the type of stories the little girl, Lara, writes for her cat Poppy; still full of adventure and whimsy, the stories will now pack an emotional punch as they show and resolve gentle conflicts between the characters. Poppy Cat is always ready to suggest a solution, which might include a trip to Mulch Gulch for its peace-promising olives, or to Magic Forest to meet a Clock Pixie after a cherished clock is accidentally broken. Amidst the fun of visiting a Valley of Pillows for a nap or Gloopy Ponds for itch-soothing mud, feelings are also soothed and lessons are learned, with a high dose of comedy accompanying the antics of Poppy, Owl, Mo, Alma, and Zuzu. And popping up on every journey is Poppy’s self-proclaimed “nemesis,” the likeable-despite-himself and wildly imaginative Egbert who continues to attempt to thwart the fun, dressed as outrageous characters such as Volcan-O-Span, Underwater Volcano Cleaner, or Dr. Quack, Aero plane Trainer. All of these elements contribute to a promising and delightful Poppy Cat Series 2.

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