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The Smeds and The Smoos (Bilingual)

On a faraway planet, two aliens, Janet and Bill, meet in the Wurpular Wood and become friends.The families, the red Smeds and the blue Smoos are dismayed at the match. “Never, never play with a Smed!” exclaims Grandmother Smoo while Janet’s Grandfather Smed says the Smoos are “a beastly bunch!”. Grandmother and Grandfather have to learn to overcome their differences though when Janet and Bill run off in Grandfather’s red rocket. The Smeds and The Smoos travel through space together whilst on their search for Janet and Bill. As the two families are starting to lose hope and head back to their home planet, they spot the runaway pair down below in the Wurpular Wood. But they’re in for a surprise when Bill and Janet announce their tiny baby Smoo-Smed, who is purple from head to toe.

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Language Can, Eng