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Sol’s grandmother was his everything. And she has died. The light goes out in his world. Sol is plunged into the darkness of life after her death. In the darkness, he realises that he has become a reluctant part of this world, and he is given a quest. It’s up to him to find the light in the world and get it back. He must succeed or the world will be in darkness forever. A little girl helps him. It’s his Nonee as a little girl – along his journey he sees his grandmother at different moments in her life – the moments from the photograph album they used to look at together. In the end he reaches the Ancient Temple of Light in the East. His grandmother is there waiting for him. He realises that his love for her is greater than his grief – he is able to accept the grief because he remembers the love and joy of her. His world is now a better place because his grandmother was part of it.

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