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Zoe & Milo

Come and meet children from around the world. Go and explore different ways of living, different ways of thinking. Zoe and Milo are two ten-year olds. They’re not only neighbours in their big town, they’re best friends. They’re also adventurers: they travel the world in a plane built and piloted by Alim, a hamster. Alim is a living encyclopaedia: he knows everything about the world’s cultures and customs. Thanks to Alim and to a curious live map inside the plane, Zoe and Milo are able to meet Alim’s penfriends in diverse countries without too much problem. The twenty-four episodes of the series offer an encounter with twenty-four children and their way of living. The series invites children to learn about cultural differences. It presents them with alternative experiences and perceptions to their own: those of other children from around the planet, without one culture ever appearing as above another. Join Zoe and Milo for a series where each episode takes you on a thrilling adventure and an enriching discovery.

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