Video Express

Don't Call It Mystery

One day, a talkative college student with a natural perm, Totonou Kunou visits Hiroshima for an art exhibition, and there meets a teenage girl, Shioji Kariatsumari, who says she is a friend of Garo Inudo. “Would you work for me? Lives and money are at stake. I’m serious.” She offers Totonou a part-time job, which turns out to be related to the succession of an enormous inheritance. Totonou decides to help her out, only to get involved in an inheritance battle of the noble and shady Kariatsumari family, where people have been killed for generations. Multiple dark sides and mysteries of the family are laid out behind the inheritance. What truth is buried there?

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Language Jap
Director Hiroaki Matsuyama
Cast Masaki Suda, Kouhei Matsushita, Keita Machida, Nanoka Hara, Riku Hagiwara

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