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Tamio Akanishi is a hapless public servant who has just hit the low point of his life having been dumped by his fiancée. He spends his days living alone in a big house he had bought for a married life that never materialized. At the recommendation of his concerned boss, he adopts a large white dog that had been abandoned by a previous owner who had mistreated him. The dog can only eke out a raspy whisper due to having had his vocal cords removed. Tamio names the extremely loving and trusting dog “Haw” for the sound he makes, and thus begins the rapturously joyful life of a man and his dog.

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Language Jap
Director Isshin Inudô
Cast Kei Tanaka, Elaiza Ikeda, Renji Ishibashi, Nobuko Miyamoto, Serena Motola, Itsuki Nagasawa

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