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A Guilty Conscience

In a moment of irresponsible negligence, sharp-tongued barrister Adrian Lam mishandles a child abuse case and indirectly sentences the innocent Jolene Tsang to prison for 17 years. Falling from disgrace, Adrian decides to serve the public and defend the commoners, until an unlikely opportunity for appeal surfaces. Determined to right his wrong, Adrian gathers former partners Evelyn Fong and Prince to free Jolene, but that would mean fighting against the tycoons, Victoria and Desmond Chung, who also have barrister James Tung as their private consultant. With pressure from media and police, and facing tough cross examination from prosecutor Kam Yuen Shan in court, how will Adrian uphold justice and punish the true culprit?

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Language Can
Director Ng Wai-Lun
Cast Dayo Wong Chi-Wah, Tse Kwan-Ho, Louise Wong, Fish Liew