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Mad Fate

(Unlimited viewing for 3 days) On a rainy evening, a fortune telling master tries to help a prostitute avert certain death, but fate has plans of its own. He arrives at the prostitute’s home just a few minutes too late, watching her take her last breath while Siu Tung stares at her corpse with creepy fascination. When he foretells that Siu Tung will soon commit murder, the Master believes that he has the power to change the inevitable. On the contrary, the veteran detective who once sent Siu Tung to jail for brutally killing a cat believes that Siu Tong is a born psychopath whose bloodthirst cannot be stopped. While Siu Tung becomes increasingly overwhelmed by his insatiable desire for murder, the Master puts his sanity on the line to change the course of fate. But is it possible to defeat the all-powerful force that paves life’s path?

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Language Can
Director Soi Cheang
Cast Lam Ka-Tung, Lokman Yeung, Peter Chan Charm-Man, Ng Ting-Yip

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