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Sixth-grade elementary school students Kazuki, Taichi, and Sunny have a “wish” they really hope would come true. The boys pray earnestly at the shrine. Suddenly, the wish-granting “Ghost Book” resonates with them and gives them a test. Guided by the magic of the Ghost Book, the boys and their homeroom teacher, Ms. Yohko, wander into a different world where ghosts live. They try to escape through trial and error but it seems that by catching the ghosts and completing the book, their wishes will come true and they will then be able to escape from this world. Thus, the five work together to challenge the scary ghosts and hope to make their wish come true.

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Language Jap
Director Takashi Yamazaki
Cast Yui Aragaki, Jyo Kairi, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Rie Kugimiya, Sonny Mcclendon, Fuga Shibazaki

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