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Logically Impossible! Detective Ryoko Kamizuru Is on the Case

Detective Ryoko Kamizuru (Yuki Amami) was a lawyer with a major caseload until an accident led to her disbarment. She then established her own private detective’s office, despite possessing an unusual background for a private eye. Her partner is Takayama (Kohei Matsushita) a graduate of the elite Tokyo University with an IQ of 140, who joined the detective agency after meeting Ryoko in a chance encounter. Though well-versed in many fields and perfect on paper, his weakness is his difficulty speaking to women. Facing the unusual pair is a series of absurd villains. Ryoko uses any means necessary to investigate, while Takayama provides support with his brains. This strange combination solves illogical cases in a fresh and exhilarating style.

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Language Jap
Cast Yuki Amami, Kouhei Matsushita

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