Hey Duggee S3

The hugely popular series, winner of six Bafta awards, is back with lots of new adventures in the Squirrel Club. Big loveable dog Duggee welcomes the little Squirrels as they’re dropped off by their parents at the start of each day. Their often comical adventures encourage young children to get active and solve problems. The Squirrels each have their own distinctive personalities, but they all love playing, learning and making friends together. At the end of each day’s activity – whether it’s showing a new friend the importance of brushing his teeth, rescuing a lost duckling, or learning about camouflage – Duggee rewards them with a badge which they proudly show to their parents. Packed with humour and pop culture references, Hey Duggee captivates viewers of all ages. And who wouldn’t want a Duggee hug?

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